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– Opinions –

On Life and Stem Cells
by the Editors

Sins of Omission
by Benjamin and Heather Grizzle ‘03

Gays and God: What’s at Stake for Conservatives
by Jeffery David Dean ‘06

– Features –

The Underground Man, and How He Got There
by Jordan Hylden ‘06

The Preaching of the Passion: The Seven Last Words from the Cross
by Rev. Prof. Peter J. Gomes

Waiting on Tables and God’s Calling
by Mattie Germer ‘03

– Books & Arts –

Jesus Walks With Me
by Jacob Bryant ‘07

Evolution Under the Microscope
by Chiduzie Madubata

Somewhere East of Eden
by Michael Cover ‘04

– Fiction & Poetry –

by Margaret Maloney ‘06

I Tire of Chasing Shadows
by Albert Hwang ‘04

by Michael Cover ‘04

– Last Things –

Receiving the Kingdom of God
by Anna Bingham ‘06