So, lately it seems
I travel less
on that road less travelled,
by the way
because, you see
these dreams of mine
they scatter at the sight of day.

So tell me, please
why do I run so fast
right past the people crying
or am I standing as they pass
me on the road to dying…

Wait one minute
stay right there,
I’ll be back
with news for you
and answers too,
and in the meantime
don’t you worry–
life is leisurely and merrily
flying down the highway
over the bridge
that crosses the stream
of consciousness
then passes through the night
and into the light of
just another day.

So, one more time
forgive me please–
what was your name?
what did you say?
Because, you see
I have forgotten
what it means
to be someone,
someone worth knowing.

Marie Janette Laperle ’06