So for those of you who don’t know, I just found a slew of Midwestern relatives I never knew I had this week, and had a wonderful family reunion with them. I’m in Iowa! Who would have thought! Here are some links for the week, as usual (:.

Also, God Bless America! I love this country!

Slate’s Since you AskedI’m holding my husband hostage to his job – Wise Cary Tennis counsels a woman whose very creative husband is slowing dying at a desk job that provides a nice middle class lifestyle. His answer: don’t put your security in money.

Jewish Christian LitSong of Song Interpretations – Jay Treat gives us a little guide to the Song of Songs, appropriate since Chelsea blogged about that beautiful book of the Bible this week!

Christianity TodayThe Authentic Bonhoeffer – Eric Metaxas explains how the German theologian lived a life worth examining. Metaxas is interviewed by Collin Hansen.

Irreligious – Gaining, saving, and giving – Terence Lee talks about Christian financial planning.

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