You can’t help but grin when you realize that your favorite New Testament theologian and your favorite physician-geneticist have partnered to write a song together.

The lyrics? Somewhat predictable given the pairing, but wonderful nonetheless. And simply too good not to share.

N.T. Wright Sings about Genesis from Thomas McKenzie on Vimeo.

(Song starts at around 2:45)


Genesis. Earth and Heaven in a cosmic kiss.
Evolution must have been like this.
Oh, I believe in Genesis.

DNA shaping creatures from the dust and clay.
Double helix in the Milky Way.
Oh, Genesis means DNA.

How He made it all 14 billion years ago.
Wisdom, truth, and love for he spoke and it was so-o-o-o.

Genesis. Eve and Adam in a land of bliss,
In a paradise we all now miss.
Oh, I believe in Genesis.

In a trice, didn’t listen to divine advice.
Einstein wondered whether God played dice.
We’re trapped within a world of vice.

Why they had to fall? I don’t know – it doesn’t say.
They did something wrong and we’ve longed for God’s new day-ay-ay-ay.

Genesis. Royal priesthood in a holy bliss.
New Jerusalem will be like this.
Oh, I believe in Genesis.