– Editor’s Note –

Searching for Veritas
by Jordan Hylden ‘06

– Opinions –

Gay Marriage: a Moral Imperative
by Stephen Dewey ‘07

There’s Something Missing Here
by Professor Ellen B. Aitken, Harvard Divinity School

– Features –

The Real Losers of Locke V. Davey
by Joshua Davey, HLS ‘06

Love and Marriage?
by Bronwen Catherine McShea ‘03, HDS ‘06

Right and Wrong: God, Law and the Secular State
by Paul F. Niehaus ‘04 and Jeffery J. Niehaus Ph.D., GCTS

Utmost and Highest
by Jeffery David Dean ‘06

– Books & Arts –

Overcoming the Wall
by Dustin Michael Saldarriaga ‘06

The Da Vinci Con
by Adam D. Hilkemann ‘07

The Passion of the Christ
by Ted K. Lim ‘06

Systems and Christianity
by Joel Mitchell ‘04

– Fiction & Poetry –

Next of Kin
by Emily S. High ‘06

by Michael Cover ‘04

(improv) |   Peace Surpassing
by Marie Laperle Scott ‘06