I can’t feel my life anymore
There is triumph in
no-thing to nothing
I knew You

Lost in the cadence of
Mireless laughter and the
peace and sting of
-“it doesn’t matter”

does it?

Life ebbs and chaffs
Only dry fatigue and
Endless songs with ghost refrain
Words that re-it-er-ate of
Sunday school simplicity

Please- No More

The cruel rhapsody of
cantabrigian nights
Wallowed in 12 o’clock sadness.
And the cadence of chains rub against
Blisters of shame and sadness.

What I would give to be okay
Though it seems
That I may –

Should I?

Who would know the ceaseless wane
Of these cantabrigian days
Or the cadence of
– mireless chains and
ghastly slaves
Lost in the rhapsody of
12 o’clock gray

Albert Hwang ’08