Volume 4, Issue 1 - Spring 2008

Volume 4, Issue 1 – Spring 2008

– Opinions –

When I First Met Bonhoeffer
by Jim Wallis

On an Authentic Christian “Worldview”: The Essays of Hilaire Belloc
by Jordan Teti ‘08

The Latin Mass: Progress Toward Unity of the Church
by Roger Waite ‘10

Demographic Winter
by Peter Syski ‘08

The Christian Aesthetic: A Higher Inspiration for Art
by Christopher B. Lacaria ‘09

– Features –

Caritas and Politics: The Philosophy of Friendship
by Jordan Teti ‘08

Just (Don’t) Do It: The Protestant Premarital Sex Debate through Harvard Christians’ Eyes
by Eleanor Campisano ‘08

– Books & Arts –

The Knocked Up Family
by Tim Reckart ‘09

The Indie Bible
by Jim Shirey ‘11

– Fiction & Poetry –

The Chimney
by Victoria Sprow ’06

While We Face Our Humanity
by Marie Laperle Scott ‘06

by Kevin Jonke ‘09

by Allison Frost ‘08

– Last Things –

The Scandalous Gospel of Christ
by Rev. Prof. Peter J. Gomes