When faith is final and hope is vital
salvation’s in the making
Redemption’s waiting for saints beside me
so steady and so friendly

Your healing touch is so inviting
I don’t have much but love’s a-plenty
And isn’t truth just so enlightening
so lift me up, don’t leave me empty

When bombs are dropping and threats are rocking
the earthly ground you stand on
Remember nothing can rock the heavens
and humble living just rolls on

So for my sake smile at me brightly
’cause smiling means your soul is shining
Don’t make me wait, embrace me tightly
and don’t you worry ’cause love’s so likely

When school doors open and kids are hoping
their own two feet will be strong
Replace your anger with grace so tender
your right will never be wrong

Your evening light still shines upon me
the glow is mild and soft and soothing
Transform my eyes, oh holy beauty
so underneath my spirit moves me

Yeah, take your place by my side in the waking light
and run into the comfort of love’s delight
Yeah, when dawn breaks, I give my legs a shake, and rise
to greet you in the glory of love’s surprise

Andrew Chen ’11 is a sophomore in Quincy House