It’s autumn, and that means that The Harvard Ichthus is looking for new writers, designers, businesspeople, poets, artists, and photographers. Some questions you might have:

Who are you?

In short: We are smart people who like to think and learn about important things and have fun while doing it.  Here’s more:

In an age of skepticism, many come to the College with misconceptions about Christianity and whether a vigorous intellectual life is compatible with a Christian one.  The Harvard Ichthus seeks to engage, critique, and ultimately defy these falsehoods about Christian faith.  We will do so in a thoughtful, generous, and professional manner that bears witness to a God who desires-commands!-each of us to love Him with all our mind.

The grand vision of The Ichthus is two-fold: First, we lay claim to the millennia-old and still-vibrant Christian intellectual tradition, stepping into a rich and storied lineage of Christians dialoguing with each other in the corporate search for Veritas.  In so doing, we train a new generation of thinking Christians to use their God-given intellects for His glory.  And second, we publicize and distribute this forum so that non-Christians at Harvard can see the weight of two thousand years of argumentation and interact with the Christian tradition.  In this way, we expose a generation of thinking non-Christians to a Gospel that promises to engage them from the neck up, as well.

(Read more: About us)

What do you do?

Think, laugh, play, write, pray, blog, draw, paint, sculpt, sell, sing, experiment, design, sketch, build, worship, goof off.  All to God’s gods glory298

We are philosophers, theologians, computer scientists, poets, mathematicians, biologists, critics, and artists.  All to God’s glory.

We produce a print journal and a blog.  We gather weekly to pray, worship God, talk theology, horse around, etc.  We are a community of seekers and believers who want to learn to follow God in an intellectually rigorous way.  All to God’s glory.

And we want you to join us!

How can I get more information?

I’m so glad you asked.  Check out our booth at the Activities fair this Wednesday 9/2.  Then come to our intro meeting this Saturday 9/5 at 5pm in SOCH Penthouse P13 in the Quad.  And if you can’t make the meetings (and even if you can!) shoot us an email at [ichthus] at [hcs dot harvard dot edu].  Learn about how to join here.