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– Editor’s Note –

What is it Good For?
by Samir Paul ’10

– The Dispatch –

II: When Should Christians Go To War?
by Samir Paul ’10; Hans Anderson, Yale ’10; Jinju Pottenger, Princeton ’10; and Charles Clark, Dartmouth ’11

– Opinions –

Bonhoeffer and Pacifism
by Anne Goetz ’11

Just Peacemaking in the Context of Terrorism and Nuclear Threat
by Glen H. Stassen, Fuller Theological Seminary

Love and War in the Early Church
by Andrew Forsyth, MTS ’09

War as the Perversion of Creation
by Matthew Cavedon ’11

Let them Sing: Being Christian in a World of War
by Rachel Wagley ’11

– Features –

Must Christians be Pacifists?
by J. Joseph Porter ’12

War and the American Difference
by Stanley Hauerwas, Duke Divinity School

A Hard Glory: “Let Us Go to the ‘Them'”
by Paul G. Nauert ’09

– Books & Arts –

The Good, the Bad, and the Cranky: A Review of Gran Torino
by Jim Shirey ’11

Seven Swans: Elliott Smith Transfigured?
by Andrew Chen ’11

– Fiction & Poetry –

The Red Sweater
by Ann Chao ’09

T H E  V I S I O N  O N  P A T M O S
by Kevin McGrath

by Michael Yashinsky ’11

by Judith Huang ’09

– Art & Photography –

Untitled 1 and Untitled 2
by Shannon Schaubroeck ’12

Untitled (arm)
by Natalie So ’12

– Last Things –

Against Death Itself
by Cameron D. Kirk-Giannini ’11