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– Editor’s Note –

The Vision
by Samir Paul ’10

– The Dispatch –

III: Why Go To Church?
Anne Goetz ’10; Jinju Pottenger, Princeton; Sarah White, Dartmouth ’11; Michael Giuffrida, Yale ’12

– Opinions –

An Interview with Francis Collins
Questions by the staff of The Ichthus

Untainted, but not Untested
Roshni Patel ’13

On The Timelessness Argument Against Theological Fatalism
Jordan Monge ’12

A Heroic Joy
Carson Weitnauer

– Features –

On Not Being Narrow-Minded
Nick Nowalk

A Little Bit of Immortality: The Mysterious Redemption of Karamazov
Judith Huang ’10

– Books & Arts –

Resurrecting the Liturgical Impulse
Samir Paul ’10

A Review and Contemplation of The Portal of Beauty
Cecilia Raker ’11

A Review of The Great Emergence
Jennifer Delurey ‘ 12

– Fiction & Poetry –

The Solar Hour
Ann Chao ’09

Small Things
Maria Xia ’11

The Poet’s Corner #80
Eboné Ingram ’12

– Last Things –

J. Joseph Porter ’12