Uniformitarianism versus Catastrophism: a centuries-old controversy from Jacintha Tagal on Vimeo.

This video doesn’t actually explicitly endorse any particular side, but it was too cool not to share. Also, my friend Jacintha made it! Also note that my biologist friend says that modern theories tend to account for both gradual sedimentation and occasional catastrophes – so it isn’t just one or the other.

So, what exactly do you believe about Noah’s Flood? I’m interested to hear the biologists/scientists out on this. As someone who grew up reading Creation Ex Nihilo, a Creationism magazine my church subscribed to (mainly because I loved the pictures, they were gorgeous!), but who now is pretty convinced by evolution, I’m very interested in people’s opinions on the flood – whether they believe it actually occurred, whether evidence for it can be found in physical evidence like stratification, and also cultural evidence like recurrence of global flood mythology. Let the discussion begin!

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