Hi folks! I am back out of the dark of internetlessness! Sorry to have missed last week, but Nick Nowalk did an admirable job of making you not notice, I am sure.

Closing Remarks (Brown University)On Mathematics: A Christian Student’s Perspective – Fascinating take on the field people think of as the most “objective”. I surfed on to Closing Remarks cos I was interacting with two of their members in none other than Anne Goetz’s household!

Go at a Walking PaceWhy I Love Memphis: Audobon Park – Jason B Hood talks about, well, Audobon Park, briefly, but he has a very good picture of a fox.

Go at a Walking PaceHow Jesus Did Church: Companionship – Jason B Hood quotes Graham Tomlin on what Jesus and the disciples’ community looked like – a completely transparent, bromancey community where everything about life and death was shared. Fascinating.

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