Hi all! I am back in the safe harbor of Boston (:
Phew! Links for the week along with a new fishie

Christianity.com The Calling of Christian Writers – Richard Doster asks what is different about the new breed of Christian writers, including Marilynne Robinson

IrreligiousInception Breaks the Rules – Terence muses on how the cinematic hit Inception compares with the behavior of megachurches in Singapore.

The New York Times OpinionatorYour Move: The Maze of Free Will – Science tells us free will is impossible. Why then do we still take responsibility for our actions?

Christianity.comThe Sinkhole Syndrome – Donald S. Whitney comments on the phenomenon of spiritual leaders suddenly collapsing in the mire of heinous sin, and what we should do about it.

Revelation is Real Gospel and Glitz in Singapore – Tony Siew on megachurches in Singapore, their excesses as well as what smaller churches can learn from their practices and popularity.

InDepthNewsSpirituality Tangos with Showbiz in Singaporeby Kalinga Seneviratne – title pretty much says it all.

img source (c) Judith Huang