Hello people! Having meandered around the top bit of the Midwest, I made it to Chicago, Windy City (for its politics, not its wind, though there is literal wind here too) and a little bit of Indiana that is just outside of Chicago. But enough about me:

Irreligious Epistemology and god: Rationalists are from Mars, Empiricists are from Venus (3)
Terence Lee writes his third post on ‘“Epistemology and God”, an ongoing series of essays on the theory of knowledge and how it relates to God’.

ONGs on the wayJapanese husbands, love your wives… – The Ongs, who are (full disclosure) my cousins, write about the Japanese stereotype of the Male Chauvinist Husband, and how a couple of Japanese pastors honor their wives.

World Traveler – “For the Sake of my Brothers” – The writer talks about Paul (and other Biblical characters’) Messianic statements – that is, offering their own damnation in exchange for their brothers’ salvation.