So remember that little college student-run Christian blog you used to read? Well, guess what! Now it’s an award-winning little college student-run Christian blog you read!

This weekend, Managing Editor Anne Goetz and I attended the Collegiate Network’s conference in Dallas, Texas. At the last night of the conference, we were listening to them announce their annual awards for college publications. As the speaker began describing the winner of the new media award, Anne and I looked at each other.

“Although this publication has a small staff…” (that sounds like us!)

“they publish a daily blog” (that sounds like us!)

“with very thoughtful posts” (that sounds like us!)

And, in all honesty, we thought, “We wonder who this publication like us will be? Have we met them at the conference yet?” We had no idea who it would be.

Of course, it turned out to be us! We  we won the CN’s New Media award for our thoughtful daily blog, the Fish Tank. Thank you for reading us even before we were an amazing, award-winning blog. And keep checking in! Our blog will soon be undergoing a wonderful facelift. Peace, love, and grace be with you!