The recent snowstorm on the east coast may seem inconvenient, but it represents something a little greater that we often take for granted: Time.  In a world of convenience and speed, it becomes so easy for us to work or go to school far from our families, and hope we can get home just in time for that special Christmas dinner.

However, God often has other plans for us.  He gives us inclement weather to remind us just how fragile our existence really is and how we should cherish every moment we have with those that we love.  Even though we may loathe bad weather, I believe these storms serve to give us time to reflect on how lucky we are in this millennium.  We are able to complete a trip across the country in a mere six hours where a couple hundred years ago, that same trip may have taken a few weeks or even a few months.
Modern technology connects the world in a way that has never been seen before, but this technology is no match for the power of God.  He does not provide us with weather to punish us, but help us remember that we are moving way too fast, and that maybe we need to look at our priorities more.  Just like the travelers who crossed the country hundreds of years ago, we must have faith in God that we will get to our destination.

Life is only worth so much because it is short and unpredictable.  Next time, a storm comes through town and pushes back your travel plans, remember to thank God for everything he has given you.  All He is asking for is a few moments of reflection on what you have been given.  When you are finally re-united with your family, then you will realize the wait was worth it and the time you spend with them will be all the more precious.  Have faith and know that God is not testing you, but is simply asking for your time to help you realize how blessed you really are.  Peace and Love and great wishes for this holiday season!