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– Editor’s Note –

God and Politics
by Cameron D. Kirk-Giannini ’11

– Opinions –

The Lost Virtue in a Land of Politics
by Jordan A. Monge ’12

The Crumbling of the Protestant Work Ethic: One Nation, Under God?
by Roshni Patel ’13

Suspense and Substance: An Apology for Detective Stories
by Anne Goetz ’11

– Features –

Modern Moral Philosophy and the Goal of Religious Neutrality
by John E. Hare

An Apologetic Primer on the Problem of Free Will and Divine Foreknowledge
by Cameron D. Kirk-Giannini ’11

– Books & Arts –

Review of UnChristian
by Chelsea Carlson ’13

– Poetry –

Redemption is too Sweet a Gift
by Jordan A. Monge ’12

– Last Things –

His Kingdom Come
by Ruirui Kuang ’12