Getting in shape is tough!  Every day, we see advetisements for chocolates, fast foods, and other sweet things on top of the ever-increasing conveniences in the world.  Exercising daily is enough of a challenge without having to dodge the perils of the “sweet” world, but yet, we must constantly face them.  Moments of weakness will come upon us, and we will inevitably “cheat” from time to time, but as God’s creations, we must be strong and honour our bodies by feeding them with nourishing food and strenuous exercise.  For we were meant to move or else God wouldn’t have bestowed upon us the ability to run, the ability for our muscles to grow by increasing the amount of weight we lift, or even the ability to move gracefully across a dance floor.

Fit Christianity

How do we make sure to honour our bodies daily?  Well, the first step is to pray every day for guidance.  God will take your hand and help you reach your goals.  Even in moments of weakness, he will make sure that you are prepared to tackle any challenges that come your way.  Next, you must make a commitment to honour your God by moving your body every day.  You must take the first step to get active and improve your physical health by recognizing that you are no longer making yourself fit for only yourself, but also your God.  And the last step is to eat as well as you can.  Putting healthy foods into your body helps you see clearer, pray clearer, and be more mentally as well as physically fit.  There is not better way to honour your God than with a clear strong mind and purpose that utilizes the man above for guidance.


Good luck this summer with your goals of getting in shape.  Take the journey and reap the benefits of becoming closer to your God daily and use his support to achieve your goals!