The Casey Anthony case has captivated much of the country. The verdict incited outrage as people venomously denounced the not-guilty that acquitted the young master-weaver of lies who seemed to be more interested in boyfriends and barhopping than in caring for her child.

I am not in any position to offer any opinions about guilt or innocence, but either way, this case put a pit in my stomach. In the midst of tremendous uncertainty, there is one thing that is very certain: justice will ultimately prevail. It is a justice rooted in a wrath that is far more powerful that we can ever comprehend: divine justice.

“Dear friends, never take revenge. Leave that to the righteous anger of God. For the Scriptures say, “I will take revenge; I will pay them back,” says the LORD.” Romans 12:19

We must trust that God will bring justice because vengeance ultimately belongs to Him. There is no evil in God- no one will get away with anything. There is no lie that he will not demolish and no shenanigan that he will not see through. Even when we might lose faith in our government system, we must honor it and recognize that we can never lose faith in God. He is sovereign. We, like Joseph, must remember that even what was mean to harm, can be worked together for good through God. We will never be able to understand the splendor of his justice, but we must always remember that it is there.

Take this opportunity to examine yourself. The Scripture warns us over and over again not to take revenge on others, and to leave revenge to God. Sure, you can’t take “real revenge” on Casey Anthony, but it seems like many have found ways to take revenge through Tweets and Facebook statuses. Trust me, Tweets will not bring justice. But, even we will one day have to stand before the Divine Judge.

How is it that I can be more disgusted in someone else’s sin than in my own? The depths of my sin condemn me to Hell as well. I am not just in my own right- I am justified because of God’s grace. Because of Him, I will not have to pay the price of my sins.

Take it as a reminder of your own sin. Take time to thank Him for His grace.