Hello All!  Four weeks have passed since I last posted.  I have been so bogged down with many things to think about, and my next move in this life.  However, I still find time to write poetry when I am inspired.  Two days ago, I awoke and I realized what I must do.  I need to enjoy the now more often and let some things happen as they do, for I cannot be the witness to everything, nor the doer of every action.  I suggest that some of you take up this philosophy at least in part if you are stressed.  You must realize that God’s plan is for you to enjoy the life that He set out for you, and not worry so much about what is coming as your are in His arms forever.  Here is my inspired poem:

Seeing only the Now!

I am good enough

finally to make it through the rough

I take what I need

and I leave what I don’t


Past transgressions had pulled me apart

and that was only the start

For not only did others do it

but so was I included




For now, I see from atop the mountain of grace

As only I know how to destroy this haste

For only I can see what is to be seen

And only I can perceive my own fear


Fear is not necessary except in times of danger

and only then can it make me a stranger

to the world I know and embrace

as only it can lace

my soul with distrust and waste

the precious time I have to taste


So Bon Voyage to all that is

As I welcome myself to the world

that is here

a fated reel before my eyes

that I crank at my speed and desire

For only, in my own life, can I inquire

what should I do and what is becoming of me


Life is full of much beauty

and it would be a shame to not enjoy

the here and now

and worry about the later

For only the later can come

when life has moved one moment closer to done


I shall not fear what is next

nor shall I make myself a mess

I cannot see too far ahead,

so I can only walk forward instead

Grasping, Observing, and Deserving

through only the will of Him!

[August 4th, 2011]


Thanks for reading and don’t let life stress you out too much.  Life is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated.  Put your faith in God, and he will guide you to wherever you need to be.