A poem.


Guilt is my assailant.

Fiend takes form of friend

And lures me from the fold

To save me from my


Guilt is my assailant,

Burns confessions in my name

To warm the lies of the deceiver.

He said to save me from


“Follow me, lost lambs.

“Drink and eat from self.

“And do this in my name.”

This he said to save me


Lost lambs hear his voice,

Smooth as silk it soothes.

“The mars of sin burn less with use.”

All this he said to save


“See how youthful – Dorian’s skin,

“Sin painted over with care.

“Forget the wounds beneath veneer.”

And all this he said to


Warmed by debris of prayers,

Guilt took strength within.

“Autonomy is your only hope.”

He said this.


Image created by Zirconicusso