Ask me how I’m doing, ask me, ask me, ask me.

I’m doing okay, okay?

I’m doing okay, I say.

And some will walk away.


But how are you doing, you ask?

The sun came out today.

It was nice, the warmth of the sun’s rays,

Though I was studying the day away.


A sympathetic nod, an ensuing tirade,

It’s not a comparison game, per say

Nor a pity party, though you are welcome to stay

Every conversation doesn’t have to end this way


What do I mean when I say I’m doing okay?

I mean that I got out of bed with a smile today

And perhaps I felt, for a moment, my head sway

I asked the Lord to have His way

I wished my worries away

And put some muesli on my tray

I stepped outside to the warmth of the sun’s rays

And my smiled stayed on for most of the day

Yes, yes, I worked away,

But, if I may say,


Stay a moment, please stay

Left, right, life may sway

A hard day, your patience and resilience may fray

Even if the sun hadn’t peeked out from behind the clouds today

In a bright smile, there’s a sparkle, a ray


So I ask you  how you’re doing, ask you, ask you, ask you

I’m doing okay, okay?

I’m doing okay, you say.

But I won’t walk away.


I will listen, if I may

And hope to add a smile to that okay

So for you who read this I pray

That firmly in God’s loving care you’ll stay

That here, there at whatever you’re working away

His love and presence will abound and guide your way