When the world’s leonine roar

deafens and devours you

When your thoughts have curdled into

a damp and sour mass

And when you can’t beat awayOld-Bible-150x150

those buzzing gnats around you,

Remember: cumulonimbus

is just another name for gas.


So don’t cower, dig your feet in.

Never give your ground.

Also prepare: buy bug spray,

saltine crackers, ear plugs

These are helpful.  Umbrellas

will never be around.

So when treacly tar glops out of the skies

Drink! – let life be your only drug.


The Bible has taught me that the world is broken, and sometimes, it really does feel as if life is just some terrible struggle to survive.  But I don’t think the Bible is about survival.  The Bible tells me that the world is broken, but that it is still beautiful and that it can still be great – and that’s why the Bible is not about survival.  It’s about making every moment count.