Happy Easter and End of Lent!

We at the Ichthus would like to wish our readers a very happy Easter! This has been a marvelous season of Lent for our community, and we thank you all for your readership, support, and prayers!

The editorial staff is praying today for the continued growth of our community of writers and readers. This year, it was a marvelous privilege to serve using our minds, hearts, and words by focusing on the Gospel of Mark.

Editing and posting the 40+ pieces was a difficult logistical endeavor, but we were amply rewarded by the thoughtfulness of our writers’ work. Our writers brought our community together, focusing our attention on Jesus, Mark, and the living God. We felt God at work in the personal testimonies, in the theological exegesis, in the works of reflection, in the prayers, poems, and even the writer biographies of our blog posts.

The diversity of our work was an encouragement and an affirmation of the goodness of God. In His creation, no two testimonies are alike, just as no two people are alike. In fact, in the universe, the rule seems to be that no two of anything — stars, planets, countries, communities, families — are alike! We are consistently overwhelmed by the glory of God, and our Mark series was yet another reminder of His life and love.

From us all — Happy Easter, and we pray that our community would continue to love and serve the risen Lord!

— Peter, Will, Henry, Brionna, and Andrew