Happy Easter from the Ichthus staff!

Thank you for your readership, support, and prayers as you journeyed with us through the Gospel of Luke this Lent! It’s been a time of wonderful growth and reflection for all of us, and we hope it has, in some way, drawn all of our readers nearer to God as well. If you have not been following this blog over the 2016 Lent season, we encourage you to click here and look back through the Harvard community’s Lenten reflections on the Gospel of Luke.

To those from the Harvard community who contributed thoughts and reflections, thank you very much for your insights. We are proud to have hosted the brilliant work of your creative minds, and we look forward to further collaborating with you in the coming months, and perhaps in the next Lenten season.

As we thank God for His love demonstrated to us on the day of the cross, and His power over sin and death demonstrated on the day of resurrection, we are encouraged to see His presence in the Harvard community, and we pray for His continued work in and through us to further the goal of displaying His kingdom on earth. Please pray with us at the Ichthus as we strive to continue to produce quality art, poetry, and prose that continually redirects our focus toward the One who loves.

Again, thank you for your readership and prayers, and we hope you have had a blessed Lent!

— The Ichthus Staff