Our fingertips are calloused from bandaging our men

Their anguish consumes us again and again

Though we cry and lament, we will never be spent


We see kings and queens corrupted and killed

With sorrow and prayer our soul be filled

And in loving and serving let our blood be spilled


The Lord made us all divine movers of grace

We bear His eyes, lips, and beautiful face

What shall hurt us God shall surely erase


The enemy to our march: divert, divert

But soldiers, we are, soldiers, guarded from hurt

Shoulder to shoulder, we crush Lucifer in dirt


For our brothers and sisters our hearts bleed as one

For the fallen you will be liberated, one by one

For God in Heaven, we will love, deserting none

Henry Li ’16 is a senior in Leverett House studying History and Literature & East Asian Studies.