Were you there when I took the sea

Out of the plastic packaging, defrosted it,

Reheated it on the range, carried the bowl

To the earth? Can you draw the Leviathan

In chalk? Can you make the wind blow

By turning on your oscillating fan?


Let me drive your car, let me crush

Your aluminum cans on my forehead,

Make me ice skate, make me run a

Lap, give me a nine-to-five job, give me

The night shift, my curriculum vitae

Is vitae, let me get the groceries.


I’ll hold the door for folks, just wait, watch me

Not forget to buy tomatoes (on sale), watch me

Prepare a table before my dinner party, watch me

While I’m grilling the burnt offering, watch me

Say grace before the food is cold, watch me

All the ends of the earth, for I am God and

There is none else.

Greg Scalise ’18 is a Philosophy and Classics joint concentrator in Pforzheimer House.