Today’s Reading: Matthew 8:18-34

Right now, it might seem like we are in the storm of the semester. The weather, save for a few days, hasn’t been ideal, and midterm season is just now hitting its peak. Spring break has never seemed so far away, and we have been away from home for long enough this semester that many of us have begun to long for the familiar presence of our homes and families. For many of us, we have begun the most difficult part of the semester, and it may seem hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Think of the disciples following Jesus. They have just seen him perform a series of miracles, from curing people on the brink of death to driving out scores of demons. They have witnessed firsthand his incredible ministry, have just heard his radical and life altering teaching, yet when they follow him into the boat, they still feel the same fear and dread that we may be experiencing right now when they see the storm begin to brew.

We might be tempted to say, “What little faith they have!” How can the disciples doubt their safety when they know that they are in the presence of Jesus, the Son of God, who has already revealed to them his divinity through his teachings and miracle-working? We know that Jesus will surely calm the storm and take care of them. However, we experience this same lack of faith in our own daily lives. When times get dark, we tend to forget about Jesus and his all-encompassing mercy, power, and love. But just as the disciples have seen the miracles wrought by Jesus, so too have we experienced the manifold blessings of God throughout our lives. Why, then, should we be stressed, worried, or afraid? Jesus shows us that no matter how dark the storm, we can trust him to carry us safely through.


Mary Katherine DeWane ’20 is an Integrative Biology concentrator in Dunster.