“When he received the drink, Jesus said, ‘It is finished.’ With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.” (John 19:30, NIV)

What did You mean Jesus, when You said that it is finished, it is done?
That everything, every stone put in place for the temple to our Father,
     every part of this body You have helped shape into an image for His glory —
     that every event that has happened in joy or sorrow,
     we’ve drank from the well,
     we’ve poured out our jars of perfume,
     we’ve wept at Your feet
             — it’s already been done?

That we can walk with our heads held high, knowing that the pieces have been set in motion,
the destination secured,
the ending eternal,
and You’ve already made a way for us,
     You’ve torn the veil, 

You have already prepared a place for us in His house with You? It’s been done?
That no matter how much we fight or toil under the sun,
no matter what threatens us,
no matter flood nor fire,
You are the unshakeable foundation upon which we rest,
You’ve taken those nails and the spear in Your side; 

That we already drink Your blood,
drink from the living water You poured into us; 

That even if we fall short again and again,
You love us,
You did for us what cannot be undone,
You’ve taken care of my whole past and my entire future
— and the mountains that once lay before me:
it is done?

That the moment You looked up and breathed Your last ‘It was Done’,
we’ve conquered the grave,
we’ve been freed from fear,
that sin has been put away,
we are reunited with You,
seated at the right hand of the Father,
we’ve been granted eternity,
it is done,
victory has already been won?

We praise Your holy name.

By Audrey Huang, Yale Branford College ’21