Uncommon figures held dear by all
They are like immortal gods
Beautiful, brave, and strong.
We gaze at them in wonder
As they stand atop the pedestals
We have built for them.
Heroes are successful
Not fawed nor weak
Nor cowardly and
Certainly not failures.

But what is success?
Is perfection what it means
To be a hero?
Heroes are fawed but rise
Above their imperfections, are
Cowards who have the courage
To face their fears.
Heroes are those who fail
Repeatedly yet try their best
To never give up.

Heroes need not be distant,
For all of us can be one.
If we are slow to anger,
Lest we rush to judgement.
If like Christ, we lower ourselves
In the service of others.
And upon looking up
We shall see that heroes are all around us
Hiding in plain sight yet
Always present.

Joesph Kester is a sophomore studying Ancient History