Lo-Ruhamah is
What you have declared I am:
Unlovable one.

Stolen food is sweet
And you let me have my way
Feasting on false fruits.

Their arms enfolded
Hiding all my ugliness.
“Let’s drink deep of love!”

Still, longing lingers
Why can’t I be satisfied?
Cruel, cavernous heart.


I have worshipped love,
Dissolved in its heady wine
And woken in blood.

Regret, regret, you
Hem me in on all sides and
Leave me broken, parched.

The words will not come.
It is too late now for that.
Leave me alone, God.


Tender names allure
But can I believe them, see
Achor turn to hope?

All that I have done
Will never be forgotten.
“Come, and feel my scars.”

You are responding
And swords bend to furrow ground.
“You are mine,” you declare.

Glory calls my name
Yes I said, yes I will, yes.
Show me fullness now.

Allison Frost ’08