Ishinomaki SunsetOkinawa
During our first staff meeting of the Spring 2015 semester, the writers of the
Ichthus wrote haiku. Please read the seventeen short poems below!

First Ichthus meeting
of the semester was dope.
Looking forward, folks!
Nathan Otey

Jesus, David’s son
I’m blind, deaf, out, and searching
Have mercy on me
Peter Hickman

Leftover cookies,
No one wanted for want of
Mike’s Pastries, are mine!!!
Henry Li

Really, I don’t know
Whether tomorrow I live
But you hold my hand.
Shaun Lim

Trudging through snow. Count
undeserved blessings: warm bed,
Your humilified love.
Jane Thomas

Glorious mother
Of God, and yet his daughter.
Mysterious birth.
Obasi Shaw

In wind, winter, snow
Still the tree stands like saints’ bones
Incorrupt, living.
Gregory Scalise

The divine made flesh,
Savior and Almighty God,
Sins turned white as snow.
Scott Ely

I don’t like haikus
I just don’t understand them.
Sent from my iPhone
Karl Krehbiel

The I am who is
Lord of all four feet of snow
Loves, and this I know.
Will Sack

Then fall, son of man,
Reigning from that awful tree,
Love’s suffering King.
Stephen Mackereth

To suffer on earth
Cannot possibly compare
To glory above
Haley Curtin

Footprints in the sand:
Yours and mine. Shall I see Your
Footprints in the snow?
Marina Spinelli

Running the long race
I’m ill equipped to endure
I must lean on Him
Jane Thomas

New Ichthus compers
write much cooler poetry
than all the seniors
Nathan Otey

Henry Li writes down
about God knows what on his pad,
forever serene.
David Paiva

Once sick, now because
Jesus died of my disease
communion cups heal
Christian Schatz