I AM the voice of the unseen
You shall never know me,
Listen as my words evaporate
What I say refers to nothing.

All the days of life vanish
Each one polishing your soul,
When the last morning arrives
Then you see through time.

There I stand always waiting
As your prayers glimpse me,
Or perhaps in love you saw
My perfect form more closely.

Pursuing all the ways
Complete in our division,
We shall become so true
Just you and I together:

Glittering, benign, transparent
Empty and fully spacious,
Without death or any ruin
I am more than you conceived.

A gracious sun in hiding,
Where love is undivided,
We are lacking in distinction
A passionate love compulsive
One duration just the same.

Kevin McGrath is an associate of the Sanskrit Department and poet in residence at Lowell House, Harvard University.