For those of you out there with a lot on your mind, take a three minute break and partake in the joys of my poetry.  This one goes out to all the students in the middle of midterms season.


“Where do I go from here?

Alas, I am stuck in the land of fear.

Wondering as I wait, one minute closer draws near


How do I study for this next test

And allow myself to rise above the rest

Where do I lay my pencil to read the best


Oh, how I am disenlightened right now

Oh, the warm embrace of my bed and how

No, I must not give in or soon I might lose my vow


Though, sleeping in does sound great

If I soon awake so late, then maybe I will be irate

What then if I walk in, mate


Should I sit with the best?

Write with the worst?

or else, perhaps I should let the test triumph over me


No, I do not think this way

as only I can obey

My will and that of my great father

that of which I do to him pray


To believe in something better when I’m lost

and still, to not falter when I’m tossed

To be still living does not exhaust

as soon I will triumph over and be the boss


So, midterms midterms come my way

and I will show you the power of who I am today

But only shall I be backed as long as my great father keeps me on track!”

[C.A.S.H 10/10/11]