So, we’ve decided at the Ichthus that we should really communicate more with our wonderful sister journals (scroll down and look left for a full list of them, or surf on to The Augustine Project, motherboard of them all!), who are also doing great work in the same vein! So hopefully we will start up a reciprocal Sunday link-fest of articles that have appeared during the week in our sister journals which also blog (as well as anything else that might have caught our eye), and generate even more discussion and heavenly thoughts in the wondrous internet cloud hosts of saints! It’s the internet equivalent of church! (:

The Dartmouth ApologiaThoughts on Holy Week

UC Berkeley To An Unknown GodWhy Islam Is Stupid, Divorce and the Divine Romance

Also, an older post by “Sophie Solomon” of UC Berkeley on dating outside one’s faith – very wise analogies here! Love the advice columnist format, the sound advice, and the obvious Californicisms! *waves from the Northeast*