Hello from St Louis, Missouri! It’s been an interesting trip – and this is my last leg before I head back to Boston! God has been very good to me. Also, at the start of summer I decided I would paint a fish a day in honor of the Fish Tank. I finally got around to it this week, so here he is for Sunday Link Love <3

Here are the links I’ve found this week:

Go At A Walking PaceAbba and Adoption – Matt Terhune considers the call to adoption, to be a friend to the fatherless. Since this week I just met a pastor of a congregation in Chicago who was one of seven children, some of whom were adopted into a multiracial family (African American and white) way before it was fashionable, I thought this was an interesting thought on the topic.

Go At A Walking PaceGods come down as men? – Jason B Hood reflects on the rather hilarious episode in which Paul and Barnabas try to explain they aren’t Zeus and Hermes. But I really like this because it’s one of those point-of-contact stories – they ARE representatives of God.

The Huffington Post Can Christians Live With Torture? – Rev Richard Cizik calls those who profess to be Christians in America to task for the alleged medical experimentation on prisoners in Guantanamo Bay.

Crossroads Presbyterian Pastor’s BlogSabbath Reflection – Pastor Andrew talks about the importance of keeping the Sabbath, a commandment which we often do not hesitate to break, especially in tough economic times.

My first fish! by Judith Huang.