Quite often, life presents us with many choices and decisions.  One decision in which we should always accept is Jesus Christ.  For only through him can we live and breathe life anew.










“I’m not free yet

I won’t be free until

the outside of me

matches the inside

of what I am to be


I’m free in my actions

but those are only that

which serve to illustrate;

A compensation inbred for

many years


Why can’t I be free?

Why can’t my day of liberation come?

Why do I ask me?

Clearly the answer lies far from all that is


Where then do I look?

Maybe in a book?

Perhaps in a far away nook?

No, none of these serve the purpose

of not only finding me, but

creating me

Maybe that’s the only way I will be free?


I know not when now, but how

I must take what I have

Discard what I don’t

And create what I want

to be a man of me


I’m still not there

as compensation is everywhere

I still don’t know

But then why do I try so?


Provide me an answer

Give me a sign

As only I can think

of what is mine


I cannot despair,

but I cannot rejoice

A depression lies

where a happy mountain dies


God, O God

Where art thou?

With me, here and now

Oh I see, where do I go?


You let me be who I am

You let me see …

You let me be …

You let me Live!”

[C.A.S.H 05/25/11]