Today’s Advent Reading:
USCCB – December 14th

Today’s first reading opens with a poetic representation of the active coming of goodness: “Let justice descend, O heavens, like dew from above, like gentle rain let the skies drop it down.” With all the polarization our country has been experiencing lately, this passage is an important reminder of the peaceful nature of God. Bringing justice to the world does not come through violence and extreme measures to combat opposing views. Rather, it comes gently and is absorbed. The idea of gentle rain is very powerful; rain will seep into the ground and remain no matter how it falls. This idea reminds me how we are called to evangelize. While it is important that we speak of God’s messages, it is arguably more important that we focus on how we emanate those messages from how we act. In our world of droughts and powerful storms, it’s crucial to remember that a gentle rain may truly instigate a better tomorrow.

Additionally, the Gospel reading for today contains the passage from Luke that is the same as the beginning of Matthew’s passage from Sunday’s reading. John the Baptist sends disciples to Jesus with the question, “Are you the one who is to come, or should we look for another?” This question reminds me a lot of a common theme we all seek to satisfy: the need for verification. Often times, this need stems from a valid concern; before buying something online, for example, we want to make sure others have affirmed the seller’s legitimacy. If we, however, go through life needing everything to be confirmed, it seems as if some element of trust is lost.  Jesus’ response to this question reminds me that we are called to discover the truth for ourselves; in this way, we are able to achieve true learning and understanding. He doesn’t give a straight yes or no response; rather, he presents the disciples with evidence of His works and allows them to take this information to heart and draw their own conclusions. God desires to entire into an intimate relationship with each one of us; it’s through personal validation of His words that we come to recognize the expanse of His love. May we pray this Advent for an outpouring of God’s grace so that the seeds of love and acceptance may grow in our hearts. As our Psalm for today states, “Let the clouds rain down the Just One, and the earth bring forth a Savior.”

Anne Marie Crinnion ’20 is a freshman living in Thayer Hall.