The Ichthus will be beginning its comp process to bring in new staff members on Monday, February 14th at 7pm in Quincy’s Spindell Room. Check out our video for more information! 

God loves your mind. Use it!

If you have a skill, we want it. We need writers, photographers, videographers, business people, sales people, publicity/press people, bloggers, webmasters, web designers, artists, and more! We want writers on any subject! Science, math, philosophy, psychology, politics, history, literature, poetry, art, music, economics, business, and pretty much anything else you can think of!

So come, check us out! Learn to apply faith to your field of interest, to recognize God’s power in all areas of your life!

“I believe that all created beings have a sacramental character in that they exist by the creative goodness and for the redeeming purpose of God, that nothing is rightly understood otherwise…I believe that whole of experience in the natural world, in the world of public affairs, of politics, economics, and culture, and the world of inward spiritual experience is to be seen as one whole in the light of this disclosure of the character and will of its Creator.”

– Lesslie NewbiginFoolishness to the Greeks

Learn to apply your faith to the whole of experience in the natural world. Join the Harvard Ichthus!